I take photos as a way of trying to stay still in a world that is always on the move; a way of capturing what the eye can't, holding on to what the brain won't.

I'm first and foremost an incurable travel snapper. Plagued by wanderlust, I roam as much as time and money allow - camera glued to my face, always ten steps behind my patient husband, trying to catch the right light, lock down the right angle, battle with a memory card that's full. The hundreds, sometimes thousands of pictures I take on those trips are my archive, my journal, my humble homage to that corner of the world, and - if I'm lucky - my art as well.

But it's not all about the road - I also love photographing beautiful moments closer to home: the birth of a child, the first weeks and months of a new family, a special occasion. I particularly enjoy photographing children and capturing the innocence and gentle beauty of a new life.

I'm based in Zurich, Switzerland, and available for gigs in the Zurich region and beyond. Get in touch if you'd like to hire me or know more about my work.

Thanks so much for visiting!

- Kaisa